Webinar: Culturally Competent Supervision Practices for ABA Organizations


This webinar is designed for current or future owners of ABA organizations to develop a better understanding of supervision practices that embrace cultural humility. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) often provide supervision to professionals on treatment teams within ABA organizations. Therefore, BCBAs should understand how cultural practices can impact supervision.

Participants will learn: (1) about the impact of culture in the ABA service delivery model, (2) how culture plays a role in the supervision model, and (3) offer participants a better understanding of how culture can influence a supervisor and supervisee during the supervisory process.

Note: All workshop participants will receive a 15% discount code at the end of the webinar for the ABA Agency Bundle templates sold on Brian Conners, BCBA website.

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About Our Presenters

Brian Conners, Ed.S., BCBA

Guest Presenter

Brian Conners, Ed.S, BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and New Jersey Department of Education certified school psychologist with over 10 years experience in the field. He originally developed the graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis at Seton Hall University and is a Faculty Associate at the university teaching courses in Applied Behavior Analysis and special education. He has worked within various sectors as a behavior analyst and consultant including public and private schools, psychiatric hospitals, and community agencies. He also was the former owner and Chief Executive Officer of a nationally recognized Behavioral Health Center of Excellence for four years. He specializes in providing behavioral treatment to clients with severe developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and psychiatric conditions. His clinical areas of expertise include behavioral crisis intervention, behavioral assessment, and providing treatment and interventions for clients with the severe problem behaviors of physical aggression and self-injury. He has presented at state and national conferences and has published articles and book chapters in school psychology and special education on behavior management strategies, crisis intervention, restraint and seclusion practices in schools, and multiculturalism and diversity issues in behavior analysis. He currently maintains a private practice, Brian Conners, BCBA, where he provides ABA consultation and public speaking engagements on various topics in ABA, school psychology, and special education.