How It Works

We want this process to be easy for you,
so here’s what you can expect from our team.

Connect with our team

The first step to outsourcing is to fill out a simple form to schedule a free call with our team. The goal of this call is to understand your pain points, share our services, and discuss ways that we can help you solve your problems.

Sign the service agreement and start the on-boarding process

After our call, we create a custom service plan and share it with you. After you sign on the dotted line, we’ll start the effortless on-boarding process.

Do a little happy dance

That’s right, get up and do a little happy dance or give your pup a high five! You’re officially part of the ABAB team and we’re going to take great care of you so you can take great care of the kids. We’re excited to have you.

“Michele and her team have been instrumental in helping maintain a healthy cashflow for our business. Our assigned team of revenue cycle specialists are all very knowledgeable, flexible, and hard working individuals who possess amazing customer service skills. Working with ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services has always been a partnership, where we help each other achieve our goals. They are always available, working around the clock, and are open to suggestions and trying anything to help us beat the insurance denials. Thank you so much Michele for supporting our organization with your knowledge, expertise, and leadership.”
Diana Wolf, MA, BCBA, LBA

Co-CEO, Verbal Beginnings