Webinar: Practical Application of Category I CPT® Codes


Now that the first month has passed, let’s review the results of authorizations and communication with the health plans and how to use the ABA Steering Committee Supplemental Guidance on Interpreting and Applying the 2019 CPT® Codes for Adaptive Behavior Services for ADVOCACY in accurate implementation of the new codes. We will discuss the highlights of some of the difficulties providers have encountered with interpretation of the codes by health plans, and other areas of concern such as secondary insurance where plans interpret the codes differently.

  • Presenter: Michele Silcox, CMRS

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Michele Silcox, CMRS


With her 25+ year Accounting career, she quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. She developed a keen sense of controls and successfully managed teams of accounting staff in exceeding goals for all levels of back-office functions. With her experience and desire to help others, she is a seasoned, natural leader and trainer for employees, executives, and colleagues. Learn more.