Webinar: Submitting Corrected Claims for ABA Therapy

Webinar: Submitting Corrected Claims for ABA Therapy

In this webinar, we discuss the process for submitting corrected claims. As we dig deeper into issues that come up with ABA Billing, we have found that many claims or payment issues stem from incorrect billing and can be mitigated by correcting the billing being sent out. During this webinar we review how to submit a corrected claim, how to void claims that need to be resubmitted with different data, and how to identify common billing scenarios that need these actions.


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  • Sandy Valdez

    June 18, 2018 at 3:53 pm Reply

    I was looking for corrected claims for ABA therapy. This is a basic outline of how to bill, and fix a claim. Corrected claims.

    I am looking for correct billing for RBT’s — what codes do we use to bill services performed by RBT’s .

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