Webinar: Navigating Contracts, Credentialing, and Compliance Part 4: Insurance Billing Compliance


Part 4 in our series on working with insurance: (Insurance Reimbursements: Billing Compliance)

After covering the processes to become an in-network provider in the first two webinars, it is time to dive into best practices for ongoing payer diligence. Staying educated and compliant as a provider takes ongoing effort. Providers need to know the terms of their contracts and be able to stay up to date with any changes to provider requirements. Many providers get overwhelmed with the day-to-day and forget about contract obligations until a payer issue escalates. In this webinar, we will cover provider network requirements, compliance procedures, tracking payer updates, and dealing with contract amendments.

  • Presenter: Michele Silcox, CMRS

Series: Working With Insurance—Navigating Contracts, Credentialing, And Compliance

With continued growth in the ABA industry, the impact of insurance funding is changing the structure of ABA businesses. While the increase in insurance funding for families is positive, the burden has fallen on providers to navigate the complex nature of insurance reimbursements. In order for clinical teams to stay focused on treatment and quality, ABA businesses need a strong support system behind the scenes. This series will cover important aspects of working with insurance companies and will help providers build a solid foundation for sustainable business practices.

About Our Presenters

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Michele Silcox, CMRS


With her 25+ year Accounting career, she quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. She developed a keen sense of controls and successfully managed teams of accounting staff in exceeding goals for all levels of back-office functions. With her experience and desire to help others, she is a seasoned, natural leader and trainer for employees, executives, and colleagues. Learn more.