Webinar: New CPT Code Implementation


This webinar will cover how to use the crosswalk from the Steering Committee to interpret information that is being sent to you by each of the health plans. Also, how to ensure that you are prepared to receive all information for changes as an in-network provider, examples of comparing the Steering Committee intent of the codes with the information received from the health plan, and what to discuss with your provider reps to gain your own individual clarity and documented information related to implementation. We will also discuss the impact on authorizations and claims submission for the changes.

We are all in this together as an ABA community, and I will do my best to give suggestions on how you can successfully prepare, plan and manage the change. All agency owners and management should take ownership in this process and not leave it to chance, follow social media guidance only, or outsource the full impact of this critical change in our industry.

  • Presenter: Michele Silcox, CMRS, CEO ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services

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About Our Presenters

Profile Image Michele Silcox

Michele Silcox, CMRS


With her 25+ year Accounting career, she quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. She developed a keen sense of controls and successfully managed teams of accounting staff in exceeding goals for all levels of back-office functions. With her experience and desire to help others, she is a seasoned, natural leader and trainer for employees, executives, and colleagues. Learn more.

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