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Webinar: New CPT Code Implementation

Presented by Michele Silcox CEO, ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services This webinar will cover how to use the crosswalk from the Steering Committee to interpret information that is being sent to you by each of the health plans. Also, how to ensure that you are prepared to receive

Outsourcing Billing and Insurance Services–Setting Expectations

How do you know if you or your company really needs to outsource your ABA Billing and Insurance Services? Consider these 4 choices you have when it comes to the necessary business processes of billing and collections, credentialing and contracting, benefits and authorizations: Become an expert and

Maximizing ABA Therapy Initial Assessment Authorization

ABA Therapy Initial Assessment Authorizations—How to Maximize Each Auth

Tips for ABA Therapy intake or authorization coordinators to ensure maximized authorization for the most billable hours for your client’s initial assessment and examples of authorization processes by insurance company. You have followed our ABA Therapy Insurance Eligibility guide, and you are now certain that your