Webinar: Revenue Cycle Management Compliance Series — Part 2: Key Policies and Procedures for a Compliance Program


With the increase in insurance funders as a primary source of reimbursement for ABA services, it is imperative that organizations develop an internal Compliance Program to aid in building a culture of compliance and continuously revisiting the importance of critical controls, checks and balances that can aid in keeping an organization out of harm’s way of fraudulent activity or risk of failing audits. This series will cover the steps to create your internal Compliance Program and the elements of building a solid foundation for sustaining the program long-term.

  • Presenter: Michele Silcox, CMRS
  • Guest Presenter: Emily Roche

Other Webinars in this Series

June 25th
Part 1: Developing a Culture of Compliance and Written Compliance Program

  • Discussion on how to develop a culture of compliance in your organization
  • Review of how to write a compliance program with a handout sample

July 30th
Part 2: Key Policies and Procedures for a Compliance Program

  • Review of checklist for key policies and procedures
  • Discussion on developing a compliant session note with handout sample

August 27th
Part 3: Training and Education Component of a Compliance Program

  • Discussion on ethical billing and documentation standards
  • Review of clinical contract requirements in your compliance program

September 24th
Part 4: Monitoring, Auditing and Enforcement of a Compliance Program

  • Review of pre and post payment claims audits
  • Discussion of potential KPI’s for tracking compliance
  • Review of Compliance Officer and infraction reporting process

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About Our Presenters

Profile Image Michele Silcox

Michele Silcox, CMRS


With her 25+ year Accounting career, she quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. She developed a keen sense of controls and successfully managed teams of accounting staff in exceeding goals for all levels of back-office functions. With her experience and desire to help others, she is a seasoned, natural leader and trainer for employees, executives, and colleagues. Learn more.

Emily Roche

Guest Presenter

Emily is the current Director of Contracting and Revenue Cycle Management at Bierman ABA Autism Centers. Previously the Director of Services for ABA Therapy Billing, Emily has been working in ABA contracting and operations since 2012. With a background in contract, credentialing, authorizations, and appeals, she has often provided training throughout the ABA industry on these topics. Emily has presented at conferences such as the Autism Law Summit and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts. After pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration from Gonzaga University, Emily completed a master’s in health administration at the University of Colorado.

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