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Outsourcing Billing and Insurance Services–Setting Expectations

How do you know if you or your company really needs to outsource your ABA Billing and Insurance Services? Consider these 4 choices you have when it comes to the necessary business processes of billing and collections, credentialing and contracting, benefits and authorizations: Become an expert and

Surviving an audit by Optum Insurance

ABA Therapy Credentialing—6 Steps to Surviving an Optum/UBH Audit

Tips for BCBAs and ABA Therapy providers applying for In Network status with Optum/UBH Insurance. As we noted in our previous credentialing blog, each insurance company has its own process for credentialing as In Network for ABA Therapists and ABA Therapy providers. This week, our guest

ABA Therapy Insurance Credentialing CAQH

ABA Therapists—Tips for Credentialing through CAQH

Tips for BCBAs providing ABA Therapy Services to help complete the CAQH application in preparation for Credentialing with Insurance companies. We’ve talked about negotiating Single Case Agreements while Out of Network, now what do you do to start the process for becoming In Network? Follow these